JY014 - The Pont

Ferments your beer bone-dry and creates effervescent and sparkling beers with a nice spicy and tart finish. Can produce bubblegum aromas. Arguably the most popular saison yeast. Note: This yeast can be a tricky fermenter that needs some help getting through the wort, especially at lower temperatures and higher gravities. Traditionally, these beers were allowed months to slowly ferment and mature, after primary in shallow fermenters. Keeping the gravity within reason and raising the temperature during fermentation (free rise without inhibitory cooling) helps to ensure completion of fermentation. Good aeration to stimulate diastatic activity, and the addition of a small amount of a neutral strain can also help and will not change the character of the beer. Strain is STA-1 positive.



Temperature Range

77-92°F (25-33°C)


Very low (Dusty)



Alcohol Tolerance